Bertie Crisp A short animation from the

Bertie Crisp


 Francesca Adams – Director

 Born in Lincoln, Francesca declared she wanted to work in animation at an early age and has been aiming towards it ever since. As a child, she would draw endlessly and in secondary school she was the first student to experiment with animation in Art class. She gained a BA in animation at the University of Creative Arts, Farnham, before applying to the NFTS in order to develop better story telling skills, and to collaborate with others. During her first year, she gained experience working in a number of different mediums to different guidelines. Francesca loves to create and develop characters and their stories and is often drawn to the darker side of comedy. She always has some new character or story idea brewing, and hopes to be able to entertain large audiences and eventually work on a feature animation someday.(Francesca’s Blog)

 Laura Poliakoff – Writer

 Laura worked as a researcher on a variety of film and TV projects before coming to the NFTS. During the course she co-wrote the short film No Place Like Home with director Mary Nighy, and had her short play Ragnarok performed at the Soho Theatre. She has recently completed the full length screenplay Prude, a sexual awakening comedy which explores British prudishness, and the full length play Clockwork set in an old people’s home in the future. She is currently developing a TV serial called Limehouse, which follows a murder investigation through the depraved and corrupt world of London in 1918. She has also been commissioned to adaptThe Remarkable Journey of Miss Tranby Quirke by Elizabeth Ridley, which is about a lesbian affair between a repressed teacher and her feisty young student, set in London 1909.

 Rob Watson – Producer

 Rob is an award-winning producer of short films, commercials and music videos. His first short, A Plastic Toy Dinosaur, directed by Ben Stevens, was screened at over 20 festivals worldwide and was selected for the BBC New Filmmakers Award 2006. His second, (One), was screened and nominated at a number of festivals internationally. He has recently graduated from the MA in Film Producing at the National Film and Television School, and during his time there produced a series of online adverts for Toshiba; an award-winning Kodak commercial and three others; short film I Divorce You; and two graduation fictions alongside Bertie Crisp, live action science fiction The Field of Vision with Siri Rodnes and Strays, a thrilling drama set in east London directed by Robert McKillop.

 Daniel Radley-Bennet – CG and VFX supervisor, CG development Artist

 Daniel began practicing film, photography and writing early culminating in two photography exhibitions and several short films. In 2008 he graduated from The University of Kent with a First Class degree in Film Studies, majoring in screenwriting. As his short stories and scripts began to include more fantastical and complex effects he was drawn to the SFX/VFX course at the NFTS to bring these ideas to life.Whilst at the NFTS he created prosthetic zombies, blew up a car, made dead tortoises and orchestrated a café gunfight alongside many other weird and wonderful things. It was in CGI however that he found his true passion. From creating digital zombie intestines to a nuclear bomb cloud from a bowl of porridge to an entire cartoon caravan park, bringing an effect to life continues to excite and enthral.  As the move away from student life approaches he intends to continue a career in visual effects.


 Alcyona Mick – Composer

 Alcyona is a professional musician and composer. She began playing piano at the age of 3, and after training classically, went on to study at jazz at Birmingham Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music.

She has worked with many top musicians both in the UK and internationally, and is currently working with Arabic artist, Natacha Atlas. She has released two critically acclaimed albums and has also received many commissions to compose and perform live to silent film, including Len Lye’s earliest animation, -Tusalava, and more recently the much loved masterpiece ‘Sunrise’. Alcyona is currently studying for a Masters in composing for film at the National Film and Television School.

 Benjamin Baily – Cinematographer

 Since an early age, Ben has had a passion for storytelling. He channelled this energy and passion into acting. This brought him down to London from the West Midlands in 2005 to begin training at the prestigious Arts Education School of Acting. Ben then found his passion for filmmaking and made the decision to change track, purchasing a Sony Z1 and Final Cut.

He started out as a freelance ‘gun for hire’ shooting music promos, live events and short films. Ben was then employed by his former drama school to shoot graduation short films. This gave him the opportunity to cover a vast majority of genres and styles, shooting on location up and down the country.

He started at the National Film and Television School in 2009 and relished the opportunity to work with enthusiastic, creative and like-minded individuals on a host of different projects, covering shorts, commercials, documentaries, animations and personal projects. His digital fiction project Sin é (That’s it) was recently well received at the Cork Film Festival. Ben hopes to continue working and growing as a Director of Photography.

Giacomo Matteucci – VFX Supervisor 

Having worked in the VFX department for a Sci-Fi short film as part of my dissertation while studying at the European Institute of Design in Rome, clearly helped me choosing my career path. Straight after that I started studying on a course developed by one of the VFX industry leader, Proxima. On completing my studies, they offered me a position in their company to work as a compositor on a variety of projects.

Having gathered some experience, I decided to come to the UK to advance my skills at the NFTS. While at the National Film and Television School I was in charge for the VFX supervision on the Academy Award-winner The Confession and other successful short films. My latest work as a compositor was on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader during my 3-months work experience at Framestore. I am now looking forward to taking my skills to a higher level in the field of VFX.


 Gideon Gold – Editor

 I left home at 18 and spent five years at The Chelsea School of Art (foundation, BA, MA). At 23 I joined an animation studio and painted backdrops and drew up storyboards.

I spent ten years Dj-ing and filming dance culture around Europe, creating short films, experimenting with animation and music. This led to directing, editing and animating pop promos and live visuals for the likes of Sony BMG. One fine day in Ibiza, whilst playing a ten minute stuck record I met the producers of Vertigo Films who asked me to direct the title sequence to The Football Factory and to be the documentary director on It’s All gone Pete Tong. From there I moved to New York and directed and edited my first feature film which premiered at The Berlin Film Festival in 2007.

While in New York, I worked alongside my heroes at Magnum Photos creating short films and video installations, which were shown at The Pompidou Center, La Cinemateque Francaise, The Brooklyn Museum of Modern Art and Museu d’Art Contemorani de Barcelona. I joined the NFTS to focus on film editing where I have been gathering all my past skills and experience together as one.

Additional Crew:

Production Manager: Victoria Carlaw

Assistant Animators: Matthew Waruszynski, Adam Carmen, Jack Tilley

Colour Artists: Doreen Edemafaka, Sadie St. Hilaire, Vicki Woodwards, Haleema Akram, Sam Leonard, Luke Middleton, Sabah Masood, Gemma Deacon

Shadow Artists: Claire Winters, Jennifer Cardno, Jenny Gladden

CG Artists: Zach du Toit, David Jacobs, Samuel Walsh.

Musicians: Robbie Robson (Trumpet) Andy Hamill (Bass) Josephine Davies (Saxophone) Paul Clarvis (Drums)

Foley Artist: Ruth Sullivan

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